Classic VS Trendy Eyeglasses

women's glasses

Trendy big frame women’s eyeglasses.

What does it mean to have classic eyeglasses versus trendy designer frames? Women’s glasses always have a touch of fashion to them, but sometimes that touch can be a little more daring that many women are looking for.

If you are in the market for women’s eyeglasses, then visit your local Stanton Optical store for the latest styles of designer eyewear. The only thing you have to do is try on a few pairs to find out which ones look best on you.


A classic set of women’s designer frames is a pair that is made for durability and looks. The premier designers all create eyeglass frames that are high quality and have a certain level of fashion to them. These are the frames that you see in updated designs each year that do not take many chances. They are reliable designs that can look good in just about any situation. Tortoise shell frames are a classic look that never go out of style.


tortoise shell frames

Classic tortoise shell eyeglass frames.

Trendy glasses can either follow the latest fashion trends, or they set out to start their own trend. For example, the Randy Jackson line of glasses that has become so popular because of the television show American Idol has started its own trend and capitalized on its own look.

On the other hand, there is the look of over the top glasses lined in faux gems that have become extremely popular as well. Over-sized eyeglass frames are also really popular right now.

Which is Best?

Is it better for you to go with a classic look, or a trendy style? When you see the selection at your local eyeglass store, you realize that you can do both. You can get a classic pair of frames for work and daily activities and then you can have something trendy for those special nights out. Glasses can be an accessory that work with your outfit, instead of a functional item that you have in limited supply.

You can keep your eyeglasses functional while still taking a chance at the same time. You can either choose between classic and trendy, or you can decide to have them both. When you go to a quality eyeglasses retailer, such as Stanton Optical, you will always have the chance to make your own decision on what kinds of glasses you will buy.