Did You Know Cataract Surgery Can Improve Lifespan?

cataract surgery

A cataract is an eye disease in which the normally clear lens of the eye becomes cloudy or opaque, causing a decrease in vision.

According the National Eye Institute cataracts are a clouding of the lens in the eyeball which affects your vision. Most cataracts are age related and by age 80 more than half of all Americans will either have cataracts or undergone surgery for cataracts.

Scientists in Australia conducted a study on cataract patients who either had or had not undergone surgery. The study showed people who had surgery to remove their cataracts lived longer than people not having surgery.

The study followed 354 people 49 years old and older from 1992 to 2007. The results, published in the journal of the American Academy of Ophthalmology, showed a 40% reduction in long-term mortality in the surgical group. This finding may be related to:

  • greater confidence
  • ability to live independently after vision correction
  • improved physical and emotional well-being

Dr. Jie Jin Wang of the Westmead Millennium Institute commented on the study saying “It suggests to ophthalmologists that correcting cataract patients’ visual impairment in their daily practice results in improved outcomes beyond that of the eye and vision, and has important impacts on general health.”


American Academy of Ophthalmology. (September 4, 2013). “Study Shows that People who Undergo Cataract Surgery to Correct Visual Impairment Live Longer.” Retrieved from http://www.aao.org/newsroom/release/20130904.cfm.

Let an Eye Doctor Check Your Vision

Treatment of an eye by ultrasound

A recent study in Australia showed connection between cataract surgery and longer lifespan.

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