Does Caffeine Help Prevent Cataracts?


Is there a link between caffeine and cataracts?

Cataracts are a buildup of material on the eye lens that can cause vision problems and even partial blindness. In most cases, the material that builds up is protein. But there has been plenty of research to indicate that some of the materials that build up on a lens are the results of natural causes and can be cured with something as simple as a cup of coffee.

The Sun and Cataracts

Eyecare specialists have identified a material that is created in the eye after exposure to the ultraviolet rays of the sun. As with most eye diseases, it can take years for this condition to actually develop. The result winds up being cataracts formed by materials called free radicals, which wind up acting just like any other protein-based material that causes the eye condition.

Combating the Free Radicals

Free radicals wind up attaching to your eye lens and slowly building up to cause the cloudy look associated with cataracts. The alkaloids found in caffeine may combat the effects of the free radicals and prevent them from building up on the lens. The use of nutritional supplements containing caffeine, including coffee, tea and certain soft drinks, can help to supply the alkaloids necessary to rid the body of the free radicals.

The Scientific Proof

women drinking coffee

Caffeine may help prevent cataracts from forming.

Researchers at the University of Maryland are the ones who discovered the healing effects of caffeine on the eye lens. The researchers used eye drops containing caffeine to conduct their research. While doctors are still not certain exactly how caffeine is able to keep the free radicals from forming on the lens, all the current research indicates that caffeine alkaloids are effective at fighting cataracts.

The signals that the public gets from medical science can sometimes be confusing. Doctors who have spent years trying to convince people about the dangers of caffeine are now finding that caffeine has many long-term health benefits. The key is to enjoy caffeine in moderation and know that when you are drinking that cup of coffee or tea first thing in the morning, then you are doing your part to prevent the buildup of cataracts on your eyes now and in the future.

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