Problems with Close Up Vision Focus

presbyopiaPresbyopia = Problems with Close Up Vision

Help, I can’t read the menu when I go out to dinner! No need to despair, problems with your close-up vision is a common eye condition in people over 40. If you wake up one day and suddenly have difficulty reading the morning paper or checking your text messages, it could be time to invest in a pair of reading glasses.

Farsightedness, or hyperopia, means you can’t see things up close while nearsightedness, or myopia, means you have problems seeing things far away. Presbyopia occurs when the lens loses elasticity making it harder for the eye to focus. As we age, the lenses in our eyes become less elastic, making it more difficult to focus on nearby objects.

Side effects of presbyopia include headaches, eyestrain and blurred vision. Presbyopia is a normal condition affecting people as they age. Most people will start to notice problems with their close up vision in their early to mid 40’s.

Awesome reading glasses in fun prints and colors.

Awesome reading glasses in fun prints and colors.

Non-Prescription Reading Glasses

If you don’t wear prescription glasses, simple reading glasses may be all that’s needed to help restore your close up sight. Reading eyeglasses, or readers, are available in a variety of magnifying strengths from 1.00 to 3.50 magnifying power. Readers can be bought at most drug stores and big box chain stores such as Target and Walmart.

If it’s been awhile since you’ve had your eyes examined you may want to schedule an exam with your local Doctor of Optometry or ophthalmologist. Optical stores such as Stanton Optical offer free eye exams from one of their licensed optometrists with the purchase of prescription eyeglasses.

If you aren’t a fan of wearing glasses, you can investigate laser eye surgery to improve your eyesight. New surgical procedures are available which can help correct various vision problems including presbyopia, myopia and hyperopia .