What’s New in Fashion Eyewear Styles

Fashion eyewear frames.

Fashion eyewear frames.

Current Eyeglass Fashions

What’s new in the fashion eyewear department? Stainless steel frames, bright colors, animal prints and oversize glasses are some of the hot fads trending in eyeglass styles. Why stop at a colorful headband or sparkly rhinestone necklace. A funky pair of shades can also work as the perfect fashion accessory to complete your outfit.

Non-prescription fashion eyeglasses.

Non-prescription fashion eyeglasses.

Funky Faux Glasses

Non-prescription glasses are hot right now and faux glasses are all the rage with the hipster crowd. Trendy fashionistas have been seen going around town wearing fake glasses. What’s the obsession with faux eyeglasses? Do you think this is a cool fashion trend or a desperate plea for attention? Faux eyeglasses are an easy way to change your look and you can even have multiple pairs of eyeglasses to match every outfit in your closet.

From a practical standpoint, clear glasses also help protect your eyes from dust and other wind-blown contaminates. And for anyone concerned with getting crows-feet, and other wrinkles around the eye as they age, a pair of glasses can be the perfect camouflage without having to resort to costly plastic surgery.

Non-prescription sunglasses are perfectly fine to wear, without making you look like a fashion victim. But wearing clunky clear lens eyeglasses, when you have 20/20 vision, might be a bit silly if you don’t need to wear them. But if that nerdy hipster look works for you, then go for it dude!

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