Fun and Funky Eyeglasses

shuron ronsir revelations eyeglasses

shuron ronsir revelations eyeglasses

While some early testers of Google Glass say it’s the best thing that’s happened to the face since the invention of nose hair clippers, they don’t improve your vision. In fact, some reviewers say it’s impossible to use Google Glass with prescription eyeglasses. Until there’s a way to integrate the two, ditch the Google Glass and opt for a cool pair of funky eye glasses that will improve how you see the world and how the world sees you.

Everything Old is New Again

With the popularity of period television series like Mad Men and Downton Abbey, clothing and accessories of the past have new cache. Even eyeglass frames from previous decades are making a comeback. Consider the black horn-rimmed plastic frames. Celebs such as Johnny Depp, Tina Fey, and Jennifer Aniston have sported variations on this style. Another blast from the eyewear past is the cat-eye frame. Primarily, women wear this curvy plastic that gives eyes an exaggerated look. If you prefer the early 20th Century look of the Downton Abbey characters, try round frames. This style is especially relevant for those who love the high life on display in this year’s film “The Great Gatsby.” Have fun choosing a style that’s reminiscent of a bygone era.

dolce and gabbana eyeglasses

Designer women’s glasses by Dolce and Gabbana.

Future Trends

If you think what’s past is past, then look to the future when it’s time to buy glasses. Hand painted frames in bright colors are gaining popularity. One more emerging trend is the use of wood. Frames made from sustainable wood are fashion forward and eco-friendly. Also gaining popularity are glasses that have cut-out details on the arms.

kids glasses by lafont

Children’s eyeglasses by lafont.

What’s Hot Now

Thank former vice presidential candidate Sara Palin for the ongoing rage surrounding cubic eyeglasses. This boxy style has moved well beyond Palin, who first gave them prominence. Women of all political stripes wear this style because it creates a serious, down-to-business look. Besides the cubic style, many women embrace the whimsy of embellished frames. Crystals, glitter, and bold prints transform a boring pair of glasses into a fashion statement.

When you want eyeglasses that are fun and funky check out your local eyeglass store, such as Stanton Optical, for a great choice of name brand eyeglasses. Try on a few pairs of glasses and pick out your favorite frames to be made into prescription eyewear.