Routine Eye Exams Ensure Optimal Eye Health

Doctor Checking Patient's Eyes

During an eye exam your eye doctor will test for glaucoma.

A common misconception about eye exams is that they’re only for people who have vision problems, but the truth is that they’re for everyone. Eye appointments aren’t just about filling your prescription; they’re also about maintaining healthy eyes.

Testing Your Eye Health

If you think that all your optometrist does is say, “Which one is better? One, or two?” then you’re misinformed. Remember the puff of air and the bright lights in your eyes? These are all a part of not only looking at your vision quality but also evaluating your eye health.

An eye care specialist spends years in training to learn how to spot eye issues, and they tend to get very good at it and can check your eyes quickly.

That’s why you might think they’re doing nothing more than placing lenses over your eyes, when in reality they’re checking every aspect of your eye health. There are many conditions that you may not even know you have, but with a full examination, you can catch these issues early, truly making eye exams for everyone.

Eye Health Tests

women standing in front of eye exam chart

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Throughout your eye examination, there are several things that an eye doctor looks for. Some of the most common tests that help look at your eye health include:

  • Glaucoma screening, often done with a pulse of air that measures your eye pressure.
  • Eye health tests, where the doctor looks into your eyes with a light to help spot abnormalities.
  • Eye muscle test, where you follow an object with your eyes.
  • Color test, where you look at pictures and tell the doctor the number that you see.

Schedule Your Appointment

No matter if you have good vision or not, scheduling an eye exam is crucial for helping spot eye issues early and for treating them, so schedule an eye exam today with a licensed professional to make sure that your eyes are still in good health.