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Introducing Our Newest Frames: Franklin Bobby


Men's Designer Glasses

Every hardworking employee deserves recognition, and here at Stanton Optical, we do just that. Every year the hardest working store General Manager is rewarded for their hard work and dedication to the company and their employees. This reward comes in the form of having them design the newest line of frames.
This year we are celebrating our West Palm Beach store General Manager: Francisco Pineiro and his team.

Francisco has been working for Stanton Optical since 2013 and his favorite part about working for Stanton Optical is “meeting new faces everyday, and the family environment my store has.”

This isn’t Francisco’s first rodeo in sales and managing. He has been in sales for 16 years and 13 of those he’s spent managing. Some might attribute his success to his experience, but Francisco attributes his success to his team.

“It’s not a one man show. I don’t ask my team members to do something I wouldn’t do. I was always taught that a great leader isn’t someone that is standing behind, it’s someone manning the front lines with your staff.”

One of Francisco’s team members that attributed to their success and participated in the Franklin Bobby design is Roberto Garzon.

Roberto has been working with Stanton Optical since 2013 and is the current General Manager at our Palm Springs, FL  location.  Roberto states that the best part about working for Stanton Optical is “working with people from all walks of life and knowing that I have made a positive impact on their quality of life by helping them achieve better vision.”

Roberto attributes his success and the success of the store to Francisco’s exceptional coaching. Their secret to success was creating a strong relationship with their team. They believe that success does not come from just individual, but rather the entire team. Furthermore, Roberto states that they couldn’t have achieved their goal without the customers.

“Success could not have come without our patients, delivering them quality products and providing superior customer service.”

It is no surprise that this dynamic duo’s relationship has developed into a lasting friendship that goes beyond glasses. When asked what he liked most about working for Francisco, Roberto stated “Francisco taught me everything I know about being a successful manager. I learned a lot from him and his incredible work ethic. He is a great boss and an even better friend.”

It is also no surprise that Francisco asked Roberto to assist him in designing and developing Stanton Optical’s newest line of frames, Franklin Bobby.

The Franklin Bobby line focuses on bold, high-end designs that provide a sophisticated and modern look. It is perfect for the young professional that walks the line between work and play. Its offers them the perfect balance between Hollywood – worthy and wearable fashion. The Franklin Bobby frames feature brushed metals, sharp edges, and anonymous glamour. These frames are the antithesis to factory-produced frames slapped with luxury fashion labels. There are a total of six frame designs, that pulled inspiration from Oakley, featuring sports-performance eyewear designs for today’s modern trailblazers. This exclusive Franklin Bobby collection will be priced between $139 – $179. Hurry into one of our Stanton Optical locations to get your pair of Franklin Bobby glasses before they run out. They are the perfect pair for back to school and the fall fashion trend setter!

Franklin Bobby Men's Designer Glasses

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#GrowingUpWithGlasses Trending Topic

On July 21, 2015  Twitter users awoke to a new trending hashtag… #GrowingUpWithGlasses, and of course we couldn’t pass up this opportunity.  This hashtag details the daily struggles of people who grew up wearing glasses.

Despite the struggles that come with wearing glasses and growing up with glasses, we must remember the benefits of having access to glasses and getting a yearly eye exam. Luckily for you, at Stanton Optical we pride ourselves in providing affordable eye wear, and eye care! Come in for an eye exam and walk out with better vision. With over 3,000 frames and glasses to choose from, there is perfect pair for you and your style. Furthermore, we guarantee to offer affordable prices on all of our frames. We will have you looking, seeing and feeling like the superstar that you are, without paying the superstar price.

Here are some of our favorite tweets from the trending topic:


Rainy days = blurry vision

Can’t even…


What shirts are made for…


And our all time favorite…




Sunglasses + Coffee = Summer Essentials

Designer Sunglasses

As of July 14, 2015 Starbucks released it’s newest 70s/80s inspired summer cup designs. The goal of the new designs is to give the cups a playful personality for summer. These new designs include, a boom-box, flip-flop, an electric fan and our all time favorite design… sunglasses!

The sunglasses featured on the Starbucks cups are popular retro models from the 70s and 80s. Even though these sunglasses were inspired from the 70s and 80s fashion trends, these  models are making their comeback in today’s fashion world.

Luckily for you, these retro inspired frames are offered at any of our Stanton Optical locations!

We have our Swiss sunglass collection  for the retro, sporty individual who likes for their glasses be a conversation starter. These white and gold pair is the perfect pair to start a  conversation where ever you go!

Women's Designer Sunglasses


We also have our Impressions line which features styles for our more traditional style customer.

Men's Designer Sunglasses
Stop by any of our convenient locations to check out these frames and the other collections!

Protecting Your Little Ray of Sunshine from UV Rays

MIniShades Polarized Sunglasses for Kids

Protecting your children from the blazing UV rays can sometimes be a difficult task to accomplish, especially when it comes to protecting their sensitive and developing eyes from the sun. Early eye protection from damaging UV rays is important for kids younger than ten years to reduce the risk of permanent damage.

To help reduce this risk and avoid permanent damage, Stanton Optical is introducing the latest in children’s eyewear.  MiniShades™ has developed sunglasses for kids between 0 – 7 years old.

These Safe, Strong & Super Cute™ sunglasses are:

  • Polarized
  • Offer 100% UV Protection
  • Impact Resistant
  • Virtually Indestructible
  • Rx Compatible

MiniShades™ also offers a Hide n’ Seek  warranty for when the sunglasses go missing or if they ever get damaged.

The sunglasses come in a variety of fun colors such as Powder Pink, Baby Blue, Hot Pink and Jet Black.

MiniShades colors

These Safe, Strong and Super Cute™ sunglasses are available at all Stanton Optical locations. Make sure to grab a pair for your little ray of sunshine!