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June: Cataract Awareness Month

Stanton Optical Cataracts Image


June is just a couple days away and along with celebrating the official beginning of summer, we are celebrating Cataract Awareness Month! In an effort to bring awareness and inform people about cataracts, Prevent Blindness America has designated June as Cataract Awareness Month.

According to Prevent Blindness America, cataracts is the leading cause of blindness in the world and it is expected that more than 30 million people will have cataracts by the year 2020. Fortunately, for people who suffer from cataracts, it is something that is curable.

What is Cataracts?

Cataract is the clouding of the eye’s lens that lies behind the iris and the pupil. Cataracts blocks or changes the passage of light into the eye. The 3 types of cataracts are:

  • Subcapsular Cataract: This type of cataracts occurs in the back of the lens. This is the most common type of cataracts among people who suffer from diabetes and use high doses of steroid medications.
  • Nuclear Cataract: This type of cataracts occurs naturally with aging and takes place in the deep central zone of the lens.
  • Cortical Cataract: This type of cataracts is usually known for its white, wedge-like opacities that start in the periphery of the lens and works its way to the center in a spoke-like fashion. This occurs in the lens cortex, which is the part of the lens that surrounds the central nucleus.

Symptoms of Cataracts

Most of the symptoms and rate at which you experience them will depend on the type of cataracts you have.

Cataracts start out small, with little effect on your vision. Things may appear blurry and it may seem as if you’re looking at things through cloudy glass. It may also make sunlight or light from a lamp seem extremely bright or glaring. If you’re driving at night, headlights may cause more glare than before.

Causes of Cataracts

The eyes lens works like a camera lens, where it focuses light onto the retina for clear vision, and adjusts the eyes focus that allows us to see things clearly up close and far away. The lens in the eyes is mostly made up of water and protein, which is arranged in a specific way in order to keep the lens clear and let light pass through it.

As we age, these proteins tend to clump up and start to cloud a small area of the lens, resulting in cataracts. Over time, cataracts may grow bigger, clouding more of the lens and making it harder to see.

Some factors that attribute to the development of cataracts are:

  • UV radiation from sunlight and other sources
  • Diabetes
  • Hypertension
  • Obesity
  • Smoking
  • Prolonged use of corticosteroid medications
  • Medicines used to reduce cholesterol
  • Previous eye surgery
  • Hormone Replacement Therapy
  • Significant alcohol consumption
  • High Myopia
  • Family history

Treating Cataracts

If cataracts detected in the early stages, glasses can be prescribed to help. As the condition worsens, cataract surgery may be recommended. Cataract surgery is a simple, painless procedure that will help you regain your vision. Cataract surgery has a 95% success rate, and it is the most frequent surgery performed in the US. It is estimated that 9 out of 10 people that undergo cataract surgery regain good vision.

Preventing Cataracts

Even though there is no specific way to prevent cataracts, researchers believe that certain nutrients and nutritional supplements could reduce your risk of cataracts.


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What is Blepharitis?

Stanton Optical Blepharitis

Greasy flakes around the eyelashes, eyelids stuck together, swollen eyelids…These are just some of the most common symptoms of the eye condition known as blepharitis.

When the eye doctor makes a blepharitis diagnosis, she/he is referring to the eye health condition in the eyes that causes the eyelids to become inflamed. The part of the eyelid that usually becomes inflamed is the area around the eyelashes. The inflammation may cause the eyelashes to become ingrown or even fall out. Blepharitis is not a contagious condition and the causes of it include bacterial infection or excessive oil gland production near the inner or outer eyelids where the lashes are growing. The two types of blepharitis are:

  1. Anterior Blepharitis: This form of blepharitis affects the outside of the front of the eyelid where the eyelashes are attached.
  2. Posterior Blepharitis: This form of blepharitis is linked to dysfunction of meibomian glands within the eyelids that secrete oils to help lubricate the eye.

Symptoms of Blepharitis

Blepharitis affects both eyes, and can affect both children and adults. The most common symptoms of blepharitis are:

  • Blurry Vision
  • Burning Eyes
  • Red Eyes
  • Dry Eyes
  • Light Sensitivity
  • Crusting of the Eyelashes
  • Itchy Eyes
  • Swollen Eyelids
  • Gritty Sensation in the eyes
  • Excessive Tears

Maintaining good eye health is the key to keeping blepharitis under control. If the eye doctor diagnoses your condition as severe, he may prescribe medication. Blepharitis rarely causes permanent vision problems. Some of the complications associated with blepharitis are dry eye syndrome, pink eye and permanent scarring of the eyelids.


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Reasons for Wearing Glasses

Stanton Optical Benefits of Wearing Glasses


Thinking about getting glasses? Here are our Top 5 Reasons for choosing and wearing glasses!

Top 5 Reasons for Wearing Glasses

  1. Fashion – With  numerous styles, colors, and shapes, eyeglasses are up to date on the latest fashion trends. They are a great accessory to make any outfit fashionable and enhance your facial features.
  2. Eye Protection – In today’s digital world it is important to properly protect your eyesight in order to ensure that it lasts a lifetime. Glasses not only protect your vision from digital screens, but they also keep dirt and dust from getting into your eyes. Furthermore, eyeglasses can also help protect your eyes from harmful UV rays.
  3. Convenience – Unlike contact lenses, glasses are easy to put on and take off. Eyeglasses do not require additional cleaning and do not need to be replaced as often as contact lenses.
  4. Added Features – As technology has expanded and grown, so has eyecare technology. Nowadays, there are numerous additions that can be made to your eyeglasses to better protect your eyes and vision. For example, you can get a transition lens which darkens when exposed to UV rays and lightens once inside.
  5. Affordability – At Stanton Optical, we pride ourselves in offering the best prices on eyeglasses. Our special offers make it easy and affordable to get the latest eyeglass styles. With over 3,000 frames to choose from, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect pair for you!



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May: Healthy Vision Month

Stanton Optical Healthy Vision Month


Whenever your throat starts to hurt or your nose starts to run, you make an appointment with your primary care physicians and take care of the issue. But – what about when it comes to your eyes? In most cases, the eyes are overlooked when it comes to health because they do not show immediate signs or symptoms. In an effort to promote the importance of eye health and getting a yearly comprehensive eye exam, the National Eye Institute, designated May as the official Healthy Vision Month.

In order to promote Eye Health, we’ve compiled a list of ways to protect your vision and upkeep healthy vision.

Ways to Protect Your Vision

  • Schedule and get regular comprehensive dilated eye exams.
  • Beware of your family’s eye health history, to determine if anyone has been diagnosed with an eye disease/condition, as some can be hereditary.
  • Maintain a healthy diet.
  • Wear UV protection eyewear when outdoors.
  • If you smoke, quit smoking.
  • Wear protective eyewear when playing sports.
  • Wash your hands before touching your eyes or removing contact lenses.

Vision health not only benefits your eyes, but it also benefits your overall health. People who have poor vision health are more likely to have diabetes, poor hearing, high blood pressure, lower back pain, and strokes, as well as having a higher chance of falling or injury. That’s why it’s important to get an annual comprehensive dilate eye exam.


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Top 5 Frames for Mother’s Day

Stanton Optical Mother's Day Frames


Mothers are the glue that holds a family together. They make sure we remember our jackets and lunch as we head out the door, and most importantly, they surround us with endless love all of our lives. Give your mom something special this Mother’s Day. Give your mom the gift of vision and fashionable eyewear!  To help you choose the best frame for your mom, we’ve compiled a list of our Top 5 Frames for Mother’s Day!

Frames for Mom

Stanton Optical Frames for Mother's Day

Christian of Paris 15 – 12: Keep your mom’s eyes protected from the harmful UV rays with these stylish, leopard patterned oversized sunglasses.


COP-LE-15-02 51-16-135-38 T

Christian of Paris – LE – 15 – 02: Let your mom’s personality shine through with these classic – yet – fun frames. The tortoiseshell frames make them classic while the multi-colored, patterned temple arms add a touch of fun and sophistication.



IMPW-15-16-54-16-140-33-R-S (1)

Impression 15 – 16: Let your mom see red with these Impression red marble frames. Their marble color gives them an upscale edge, along with the rope metal detail along the temple arms. Make mom feel like the superstar she is with these frames!





Christian of Paris 15 – 20: Take your mom on a walk to the wild side! The animal pattern makes these frames exotic while the gold detail on the temple adds sophistication and style.





Christian of Paris 15 – 05: Does your mom like a more classic, traditional look? These frames are the ones for her! The black color and square shape makes these classic and the gold detail add just the right amount of style.