Making Eye Care Affordable

Affordable eye care at Stanton Optical

In today’s hectic world it is easy to overlook your health and remembering to schedule your annual check up appointments. This is especially true when it comes to your vision and eye health. Most people overlook getting their eye exam because they can still see their phone and computer screen clearly, but they fail to realize that their vision could have declined even in the slightest bit.  At Stanton Optical, we believe that everyone should not only get their vision test every year, but we strive to make it affordable for anyone to obtain an eye exam from one of our independent optometrist. This is why we offer FREE eye exams with some of our offers.

Free Eye Exam Offers

Stanton Optical prides itself in providing our customers with the best eye care and eye wear offers.  Our current FREE exam offers are:


(Valid in OH, NB, IL, FL, AL, WI, TN, IN, NY, and Bakersfield, CA)


(Valid in OH, NB, IL, FL, WI, TN, IN, GA, CA, TX, and NY.)


Using Your Insurance for Free Eye Exams

Here at Stanton Optical, we accept most forms of insurance. If your insurance is accepted by a Stanton Optical location near you, using your insurance can aid in minimizing the cost of an eye exam, and in some cases the eye exam can be free as well.  Furthermore, some insurance plans will cover a portion of your glasses and/or contacts purchase.

When to Get an Eye Exam

It is recommended that patients receive an eye exam every year, especially if you wear glasses or contacts. Annual eye exams ensure that your prescription stays up to date. If you don’t wear glasses or contacts, getting a yearly eye exam will help in making your eye health the best it can be.

The eye care specialist at Stanton Optical will ensure that all of our customers receive a comprehensive eye exam to provide them with the most accurate exam results and help them obtain the appropriate eye care.

If you find yourself reading this and trying to remember when your last eye exam was, it’s time to schedule your next appointment at a Stanton Optical location near you!

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