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Do My Children Need Prescription Glasses?

The emotions involved in taking care of a child are very strong. Every parent wants to make sure that they do what they can for their kids to provide them with the best possible start in life.

Are you wondering if you son or daughter needs prescription glasses? When your children are growing and developing it is important to get them tested by a variety of medical professionals, including an eye doctor, on a regular basis.

Early Development

Pediatric experts say that the first six years of a child’s life are extremely important to the child’s development. Your son or daughter may need eyeglasses to correct their vision problems. It is becoming more common for optical experts like Stanton Optical to sell glasses for kids at very young ages.

When to Start

Childrens Glasses Do your children need glasses? Bring them in to Stanton Optical for their next eye exam and affordable kid’s eyeglasses.[/caption]

Eyeglass frames for kids can fit infants as well as older toddlers. Your eye doctor can find any potential vision issues and suggest kid’s eyeglasses to make the corrections. In some cases, the attending pediatrician may send younger child to an eyecare specialist, such as a pediatric ophthalmologist, if he thinks there may be problems with their eyesight.

Take No Chances

Parents will want to make a vision checkup part of their medical routine for their child. Lazy eye and myopia (nearsightedness) are common vision problems that can be detected and easily treated at childhood. It all starts with an eye exam given by a certified professional.

The only person who can answer the question whether or not your child needs eyeglasses is an experienced vision professional, such as an optometrist or ophthalmologist. It is not unusual at all for three or four-year-old children to wear eyeglasses, especially if those glasses can end vision issues before the child grows into his teenage years.

Fashionable Frames

The eyeglasses industry is well aware of the need for kids frames for glasses to be fashionable. When children see a television show or movie that they enjoy, it can often be easier to get the child to wear glasses that he saw in that movie or show.

Eyeglass frames designed to look like the ones worn by children’s characters such as Harry Potter are extremely popular. Come in to any Stanton Optical store and browse our great selection of frames the next time you or any member of your family needs prescription eyewear.

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