Protect Your Eyes with Fashionable Summer Sunglasses

Fashion sunglasses from eyeglass retailers such as Stanton Optical are not only attractive, but they are functional as well. One of the advantages to purchasing name brand designer sunglasses is they help you protect your eye health as well as add some character to your outfit. The fashionable shades are not just accessories, they are sophisticated eyewear as well.

Ultraviolet Radiation

Have you ever looked directly into the sun and had it give you a temporary burning sensation as well as temporary blindness? Most people know that looking directly into the sun is a bad thing, but leaving your eyes unprotected in the sunny weather can still bring about those consequences. The ultraviolet radiation in sunlight can lead to eye diseases such as snow blindness and light sensitivity.

Cloud Cover

starfish sunglasses beachOne of the biggest misconceptions about sunlight is that cloud cover eliminates the effects of the ultraviolet rays. Anyone who has ever been sunburned while sitting on the beach on a cloudy day will tell you that the rays will get through. Fashionable sunglasses can help you look great in any weather and they help protect your eyes from the suns harmful yet invisible UVA and UVB rays.

Tested and Approved

The manufacturers of designer sunglasses are bound to follow the guidelines of the Food and Drug Administration. You will find that the designer glasses adhere to strict protection standards and, in most cases, the world’s top designers will go out of their way to make sure that your eyes are protected from the dangers of sunlight.

The best part about designer sunglasses is that they can serve multiple purposes. Not only are they designed to be a fashion accessory that enhances your outfit and allows you to stand out from the crowd, but they also offer your eyes protection from the radiation of the sun. The next time that you are in the market for a pair of sunglasses, remember that the world’s top designers will offer you an option that will let you look great and protect your vision at the same time.