Top Ten Iconic Sunglasses Movies of the 1980’s

Have you ever paid more attention to the clothing and accessories worn by your favorite actors than their real acting ability while watching a movie? Many celebrities are seen wearing some really cool styles of fashion clothing and stylish jewelry created by top designers in the films they star in.

Popular 1980’s Movies Featuring Sunglasses

Sunglasses are a hot fashion item worn by famous actresses and popular movie stars. It got us thinking about specific movies and the iconic eye wear associated with certain famous feature films. The 1980’s were a particularly busy time for movie sunglasses.

Eyeglasses never really seem to go out of style. Designs from decades ago still look fresh and exciting in the modern-day. There are certain fashions associated with the 1980’s we hope never see the light of day again; such as shoulder pads, leg warmers, finger less gloves and parachute pants. Wait, haven’t fingerless gloves been making a comeback in recent years? Uh oh, better call the fashion police.

Top Ten Sunglass Movies of the 1980’s

There was absolutely no scientific data or methodological research used to compile this list. They just happen to be a few of our favorite 1980’s movies. The only thing the films have in common is that one or more characters sported some awesome shades.

  1. Blues Brothers – 1980
  2. Risky Business – 1983
  3. Terminator – 1984
  4. Back to the Future – 1985
  5. The Breakfast Club – 1985
  6. Top Gun – 1986
  7. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off – 1986
  8. The Color of Money – 1986
  9. Lost Boys – 1987
  10. Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure – 1989

Does anyone else think it a bit curious that Tom Cruise starred in 3 of these movies; Risky Business, Top Gun and The Color of Money? He’s sporting Wayfarer Ray-Ban shades in Risky Business, and classic mirrored aviator shades in Top Gun. The 1980’s movie icon is still pulling star status in the 21st century with movies such as the Mission Impossible franchise. I guess that could be the topic of another article, The Awesome Glasses of Tom Cruise’s Movie Characters, or something to that effect.

Name Your Favorite Movie Sunglasses

This blog post only mentions movies from the 1980’s. But there are many more movies that feature awesome sunglasses. What’s your favorite movie featuring sunglasses? Men in Black? Cool Hand Luke? Reservoir Dogs? Leave us a comment and let us know what is your favorite movie featuring sunglasses.

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