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Aimee LeClear
Regional Vice President - Western Region
Work Background:
I possess over a decade of management and optical experience. Prior to joining Stanton Optical, I held positions in Sales, Customer Service, Management and Optics after working at Eyemart and Eyeglass World.
Professional Growth:
My journey started in November 2012 as General Manager of the new SL concept. Shortly after, I was promoted to Area Manager of the midwest in June 2014. Later, I took over as Field Executive of the Midwest in February 2016. Finally, I became a Regional Vice President in April 2018.
What do you like about us:
I love how we are rewarded based on our hard work and performance as proven by my success and the success of hardworking people around me. Because of our performance based positions, I feel like I have some of the most hardworking people around me. It is great to work for a company that appreciates and grows strong leaders and teammates. I like that Daniel encourages an entrepreneurial mentality and we are truly a part of this business where our ideas and concerns are listened to and taken into consideration with changes. I really feel like I make an impact within the company and my teams do as well, we are listened to and respected. As far as the patient experience, I feel we are the best in the business as far as variety, price point, and customer service if we all follow our company mantra "everyone buys, everyone leaves happy".

This year's mission statement says it best "Fast, Friendly, Affordable".

Sachin Nepal
IT Director
Work Background:
After finishing college in 2004, I worked as an IT Consultant for 2 years then joined a startup company in 2006 where I worked for 3 years. Prior to joining Stanton Optical in Jan of 2014, I was working as an IT Manager in West Palm Beach for 4 years.
Professional Growth:
I have been in Stanton Optical for almost 5 years and helping achieve our common goals. I started as the IT Manager making sure that every store in the company stays up and running. I currently hold the Director of IT role.
What do you like about us:
Throughout these years, one major point that I like about our company, Stanton Optical, is willingness to give a chance to learn and grow. As an IT professional, I was always given the opportunity to try and to experiment with new Technologies to help our company grow. My proudest moment was when I was given the task to redesign and implement our entire company’s Network Infrastructure and our Data Center.
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