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The Best Optical Store in Greenville

With over 3,000 frames for men, women, and children, Stanton Optical has something for everyone in the family! Located at the corner of Woodruff Road and Garlington Road, our store is easy to find and there’s ample parking. Schedule an appointment online or visit us, and our helpful and friendly staff will help you select the right frame for you.

Free Eye Exam Available

At Stanton Optical, most purchases qualify for a free eye exam, so make an appointment with one of our independent optometrists. Using the latest techniques and equipment, the eye doctor will check your eye health and determine your eyeglass or contact lens prescription.

A Comprehensive Eye Examination

Our independent doctor of optometry in Greenville will use the latest techniques and state-of-the-art equipment in order to determine your eyeglass or contact lens prescription. Our eye exams include the following tests:

  • Autorefraction
  • Refractive analysis
  • Visual acuity
  • Tonometry
  • Autokeratometry
  • Evaluation for amblyopia
  • Slit lamp examination of anterior segment health
  • Ophthalmoscopy for evaluation of fundus health
Large Selection of Glasses and Sunglasses in Greenville

Whether you prefer a cat eye frame or a rimless frame, with more than 3,000 frames to choose from, you’ll find one that looks great on you! With our 2 pairs for $59.95 + a free eye exam offer, you can get two different styles at one low price. And, with our NOW Service, you can get single vision glasses in as fast as 15 minutes. If for any reason you are unsatisfied with any of our products, bring them back within 30 days to exchange for a completely new pair.

Affordable Contact Lenses in Greenville

We carry daily, weekly, and monthly disposable contacts in addition to soft and hard lenses. And with boxes of disposable contact lenses starting as low as $15.49 with purchase of annual supply, our prices won’t be beat. We also have a Contact Lens Value Pack that contains everything you need to get started with contacts, for just $129. Contact us or visit our store for more information!

Accepted Insurance

°We accept out-of-network benefits for VSP members and submit to the network. Out-of-network benefits and/or discounts will be applied towards total purchase.

Don't see your insurance listed? Call this store at 877.518.5788 to check for additional accepted plans.

What Our Customers Are Saying
The doctor was nice and did a good job. A lot of the other workers are really nice, but not everyone seems to know what they're doing or how things work. I wouldn't recommend this place :(
Hannah Croft
Hannah Croft
19:05 13 Dec 17
My experience was wonderful!!! I was able to walk-in and be seen the same day. The Dr. was friendly & the staff was awesome. Briana was very patient & helpful when it came to picking out my 2 pair of frames. I highly recommend them!
Quiasha Evans
Quiasha Evans
23:41 07 Dec 17
I've been coming here annually for about three years. Until now, the service has always been acceptable (not stellar), but for the price, I didn't really expect more. On this visit, I had to wait 40 minutes past my appointment time for the exam, and then, once I was dilated, I had to wait another 30 minutes for the doctor to be available again. Apparently, they recently had to let a few doctors go and there was only one on staff that day. Regardless, I really liked the doctor and I felt like he did a thorough job. The amount of frames available with the $65 deal has steadily shrunk through the years. Again, I with the price, I can't really complain. They said that my glasses would be ready in 7-10 days. That time came and went, but being around Thanksgiving, I thought I'd give them the benefit of the doubt and be patient. On the 15th day, I called and was told by the automated system that they were still processing. On the 17th day, I spoke to one of their call center employees. At first, I was told again that they were still processing. When I reiterated the time frame, she put me on hold to call the 'lab' to see what was going on. After 10 minutes of being on hold, she came back on to say that they were ready for pick-up. Great! Maybe someone just forgot to check them back in or something. I went that same day to pick them up. Instead of the two pairs I picked out, they gave me two of the same pair of glasses. Really?! "No problem," they said, " wait 10 minutes and we'll fix this for you. So, you can take 10 minutes to put lenses in glasses, but I had to wait 19 days? The worst part about everything is that there was never an acknowledgement that they made a mistake, and never an apology. What I THINK happened is that they forgot to even place the order, and when I called in, they panicked and filled it right then. Had they owned up to it, apologized, and laughed about the mistake, I would have laughed with them and given them a glowing review for making the best out of a bad situation. I don't care that there was a mistake. I care that they took no responsibility. Looking at the other reviews, that's a trend. The problem is obviously the corporate culture. Just because your product is inexpensive doesn't mean that your customers deserve a lesser level of service.
Kerry Deese
Kerry Deese
14:27 01 Dec 17
On August 8, 2017 I visited the Stanton Optical on Woodruff Rd in Greenville, SC. My prescription had changed slightly and I needed a pair of safety glasses for work. I paid $45 for the prescription and the optical shop matched my employer’s safety glasses price for $58 which was very nice as they were originally a few hundred. I noticed as I glanced at the prescription that the left eye (which had changed) was recorded at -1.75 which I should have questioned, because I was coming from a -2.75 and that was too great a difference. It’s my fault for not questioning the prescription, but I had been so careful during the exam I thought it had to be right. I was told the glasses would be in within 2 days, and after 3 days I couldn’t reach anyone locally by phone with multiple attempts so I went to the store. I was then told it would take over 10 business days since they had to be ordered. After it was time I never received a call so called the store, eventually reaching someone who told me they were there. When I came to pick them up the left eye was drastically off, as I was afraid it was going to be. The ‘manager’ told me with such a drastic prescription change that it may take a few days for my eye to adjust and to wear them through the weekend, and should they still not work, come back on Monday.I wore the glasses through the weekend which was better than having none at all, and by Monday came back. The manager didn’t recognize nor remember me so I had to explain the left eye being off and that she asked me to wear them for a few days regardless, so the optometrist retested my eye and found it at -2.50 instead. I was told to leave the glasses and within two days they would be ready. After a few days, unable to reach anyone by phone, I came by the store and was then told it would take over 10 business days again, and I asked for them back to wear them with the wrong prescription since I really needed them for work. They said they would call when the lens came in, and I asked why they didn’t call the last time when the glasses came and they checked my phone number to be sure it was on file correctly. Three weeks later, naturally, no call and I eventually reached someone on the phone who told me the lens was in and I came by and had it swapped out on September 21. Mistakes happen and I’m not upset that the prescription was recorded wrong initially, but I don’t like how Stanton doesn’t answer the phone (except at the national line) and doesn’t call the customer when their product arrives. It makes it very difficult because you have to visit the store to ask and makes it take longer to receive your product, and it also wastes gas. I don’t like being told initially that it would take “two days” to receive something I need, and then finding out it’s closer to three weeks. I don’t feel like that’s appropriate customer service. The prices were very good and the people working there were very friendly, but I will not be back. I would rather pay more and go somewhere customers are better communicated with. It should not have taken 44 days to receive a working pair of glasses, and 6 trips to the store. After sending this review, I was offered a $75 store credit which I’ve declined.
Joseph Allen
Joseph Allen
17:48 03 Oct 17
The Dr was awesome a great great with both my 8 and 9 year old! The lens specialist Chelsea was amazing!!!!! I feel like just dealing with her on a professional level, she is like a best friend and was so amazing with both kids! She took her time helping pick out glasses and no matter how many times we switched glasses, she was very patient and understanding! I would highly recommend to anyone, any age! Ask for Chelsea when you are ready to pick out your glasses! Keep up the awesome work Stanton Optical! Also prices were amazing and the best deals around!! They are very fast at getting your glasses ready to go and you get them the same day ????
Brooke Buffamoyer
Brooke Buffamoyer
20:21 14 Jul 17

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