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Your Optical Store in Medford, OR

Stanton Optical is a leading optical retail store in Medford. We offer our customers the best prices in eyewear products and the highest level of customer service. At our store you will find a great selection of over 3,000 designer frames for men, women, and kids, including prescription sunglasses and contact lenses. Visit us at 38 Rossanley Dr, and our staff will be happy to assist you!

Get A Free Eye Exam

Our main goal is to provide you with the right solution to your vision problems, and that’s why we include a free eye exam with your purchase. It is important to start with an eye exam so we can provide you with an accurate prescription and help you select the best lenses for you. The exam is quickly performed by an independent optometrist using the latest techniques in the industry.

A Comprehensive Eye Examination

There are many conditions that can affect your eyes and your vision, and it is very important to accurately diagnostic them to ensure your new eyeglasses will deliver the best results. To do so, many different tests are performed by the independent optometrist during your eye exam, including:

    • Autorefraction
    • Visual acuity
    • Evaluation for amblyopia
    • Autokeratometry
    • Tonometry
    • Refractive analysis
    • Slit lamp examination of anterior segment health
    • Ophthalmoscopy for evaluation of fundus health


Best Eyeglasses in Medford, OR

For anyone looking for affordable eyeglasses in Medford, Stanton Optical is the place to go. As part of our continuing effort to provide the best service to our customers, we have a special offer available: 2 pairs of eyeglasses for $59.95 + a FREE eye exam! And if that was not enough, if you’re not satisfied with your purchase you can bring them back within 30 days and choose a completely new pair! What are you waiting for? Book your appointment now!

Contact Lenses Available Too

We also offer contacts for those who are looking for an alternative to wearing glasses all the time. For those interested in buying contact lenses in Medford, we have many different types of daily, weekly, and monthly disposable contacts along with hard and soft contact lenses. We also have a special Contact Lens Value Pack which includes everything you need for your new contacts. There’s no valid excuse, give your eyes the treatment they deserve with Stanton Optical.

Accepted Insurance

°We accept out-of-network benefits for VSP members and submit to the network. Out-of-network benefits and/or discounts will be applied towards total purchase.

Don't see your insurance listed? Call this store at (877) 518-5788 to check for additional accepted plans.

What Our Customers Are Saying
Amazing friendly service from the two Melissa's and the technician Melanie, My wife and I both got our eyes re-checked and bought [buy one get one free] glasses. I tend to buy darker lenses do to sensitivity to light/u.v. they explained that they do all their work on site that I can choose as dark as I needed! We got them in the same visit too!Additionally, They also create their own frames as well! Best experience so far!I would recommend to anyone, If you need your eyes checked/rechecked or just need new glasses.
K Tor
K Tor
17:04 24 Nov 18
Besides the Dallas Cowboy fanatic working there, the service was great! Friendly and educated staff! Quick turn around time on glasses and a great selection! Even the Cowboy fan employee was helpful 😉🤣
Estella Strigle
Estella Strigle
05:43 22 Nov 18
Stubbled upon this company through family. Scheduled an appointment late after work, showed up an hour early and was welcomed right in. Very enthusiastic staff. Would definitely recommend this place!
annie roach
annie roach
02:39 13 Nov 18
The staff here is incredibly helpful! Will was an absolute gem and really knew his stuff. We'll definitely be recommending them to all of our friends and family.
Liz Brenhaug
Liz Brenhaug
04:10 11 Nov 18
I went in to get an eye exam and got my glasses the same day! I love how friendly everyone was especially Melissa Pierson. She made it so easy to get the frames I wanted at very affordable cost. I would definitely recommend Stanton Optical(:
Meddie Lozano
Meddie Lozano
17:56 10 Nov 18
Was unsure of their concept at first, but I got my 2 pairs of glasses and they’re perfect. Almost. One set of frames has been giving me some fit issues, however after repeated visits to get them refit, they recommended restyling the frames. Found another frame I liked and am excited. They were repeatedly friendly every time I came in. Glad I went there for service. :)
Jenifer Yahner
Jenifer Yahner
22:54 09 Nov 18
Today 11/3/18 I went to Stanton Optical to get some new glasses and even though they were very busy I got in and out in a timely manner. Everyone of their staff members was extremely helpful and pleasant to work with. Melissa Pierson Brand Manager did an exceptional job of taking care of me today. If you ever need glasses or contacts I highly recommend Stanton Optical!!
Robyn McCollum
Robyn McCollum
21:28 03 Nov 18
EVeryone in the store was eager to help, but like any new business they were having growing the computer shut down, the exam which was done via a tele health screen, didn’t quite go smoothly. But, as I said everyone was there to make the experience work. Actually spent more time there that I had planned because people were getting used to their jobs, but had a fun time. Very positive vibes and I got a great deal on two pair of progressive glasses. Was even given a snack, when I remarked that I was hungry
Susan Neveu
Susan Neveu
23:41 13 Oct 18
Very friendly and helpful service. Dropped in to get glasses fixesd and was in and was quickly assisted! Highly recommended.
Jonathan Beran
Jonathan Beran
22:25 20 Sep 18