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Stanton Optical located on the corner of War Memorial and Glen works alongside independent Optometrists in Peoria to offer FREE eye exams with nearly every purchase.

What is an Optometrist?

Optometrists are licensed health care providers who focus on eye and vision health. Optometrist examine the eyes for vision and health problems. Optometrist also provide prescriptions to correct any refractive errors.

The Optometrist in Peoria, IL will also examine the structure of the eye to detect and diagnose a variety of potential eye conditions including:

  • Vision Conditions including nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, and presbyopia
  • Eye Diseases such as glaucoma, cataracts and dry eyes
  • Retinal Disorders including macular degeneration
  • Systemic Diseases such as diabetes and hypertension

How Often Should I See an Optometrist in Peoria, IL

Vision experts recommend getting a comprehensive eye exam every year to ensure optimal eye and vision health. Getting a yearly eye exam helps detect eye problems before symptoms arise and worsen. Eye exams can also help detect health problems such as diabetes.

When was the last time you had an eye exam? If you can’t remember, it’s time to Schedule your FREE Eye Exam with a Peoria Optometrist.

Accepted Insurance

°We accept out-of-network benefits for VSP members and submit to the network. Out-of-network benefits and/or discounts will be applied towards total purchase.

Don't see your insurance listed? Call this store at 877.518.5788 to check for additional accepted plans.

What Our Customers Are Saying
Was very disappointed: I went to pick up my prescription for my contacts and didn't notice I was given an old prescription that was a year out of date. New provider's office faxed request into Stanton for 2 days with NO RESPONSE. I called back three days later and got a third party phone service who transferred me to Peoria. After about 15 minutes, they were very sorry, but yes, my prescription was current and they could now fax it over to me.... I received it in just a few minutes, but it was for my GLASSES. I called back and asked for my CONTACT PRESCRIPTION. He said I'd have to wait because they were getting busy. I waited about 3 hours and called back again. They told me that they couldn't fax me because they didn't have my fax number.FINALLY, THEY faxed my prescription. CLEARLY, they didn't want me to refill my prescription for HALF THE COST that they are charging. Previously, they price matched, but they changed their practice and no longer do that. This is not the way to treat someone that you every want to win back as a patient.On a good note, the new provider was not only half price, but called me on Thursday, only two days later, and had my contacts ready to pick up! The last two sets I got from Stanton were WRONG twice, and took THREE WEEKS to come in.
Laure Feld
Laure Feld
18:53 18 Nov 17
**Update** I went into the store myself this time and was helped by a very courteous employee named Darlene. I found out one of my pairs of glasses had indeed arrived and I walked out wearing them. So happy because I'm now not in pain from something I have to wear. Also all problems were addressed and rectified beyond my expectations. So now, I give five stars for how this has been handled so professionally.As of now (two stars given), the service I have received is not what I expected. I have always gone through Stanton specifically for frames and lenses. Never had an issue, until this time. I have been waiting over a month with a pair of glasses that hurt me and are not the right prescription, to receive the two pairs I purchased to replace my bad ones. First, they put my prescription into someone else's file, so my order was never sent out. Then when I ask why I haven't had a call they are ready, they find my lost prescription and tell me it will be at least another two weeks (10 business days) before they will be ready. I wait. The time comes for them to be ready again and I still haven't received a call, so I call them again. Only to be told that they put the wrong lenses in my glasses and I now have to wait another two weeks. I am very upset and feel like this is not how customers should be treated when spending their own money. This is not covered by insurance I am paying it all out of pocket. And I felt as if the staff I have talked to would just rather I ignored the fact that they keep not doing their job properly. Very disappointed...
Michelle Myers
Michelle Myers
15:45 03 Jun 17
I about as blind as a bat and when I broke my glasses while on a trip during Memorial weekend I know I was in trouble! But luckily Stanton Optical in Peoria was opened on Memorial Day and saved me! I needed a new pair of glasses that day and they had closed their one-day lab in February but luckily one of the managers Eric, who knows how to hand grind lens, was there and come in for the rescue! If it weren't for him I would have had to wait another day to go to another glasses store to get a pair of glasses or gone 2 weeks waiting for a pair of glasses to come in but I only have to wait for 15 MINUTES! AMAZING! One of the other managers Darlene was there too to help me pick a pair of glasses and go over my opinions. She was so friendly and upbeat and kind! She made everything feel fun and made me excited and be there and to come back! If I could give their place more stars I definitely would! They have a great staff and I can't wait to go back again, but hopefully it would be to soon!
Evelyn Powers
Evelyn Powers
20:21 01 Jun 17
Stanton was the best. I was regretting getting new glasses because of the rotten experience I had at Bard E.P..Manny helped every step of the way and was very, very helpful and professional. I will recommend Stanton to anyone who asks me. It was a very pleasant experience. They have a new customer for life. They also have great deals.
Scott Wallace
Scott Wallace
16:04 29 Apr 17