Top 5 Makeup Tips for Eyeglass Wearers

eye makeup tips for eyeglass wearers

Do you wear glasses? Here are some great tips for applying makeup.

Are eyeglasses part of your everyday wardrobe? Are you wondering if you should or shouldn’t use makeup when wearing glasses? If you normally wear makeup you should place special emphasis on your eye area when your outfit includes eyewear.

Top 5 Eyeglass Makeup Tips

1. You want to make sure your eye makeup doesn’t extend beyond the edges of your frames. So if you are wearing smaller framed glasses, wear lighter makeup, while heavier eyeglass frames can handle a bold line of dramatic eyeliner.

2. Since glasses tend to cast a shadow under the eye area, you probably want to stick to brighter eyeshadow colors when wearing eyeglasses. Using a concealer or brightening pencil around the corners and lower lid can also help lighten the eye area. 

you can wear makeup with glasses

Enhance your eyes wearing glasses and great makeup.


3. You want to have a light touch when applying foundation, using too much leads to caking which emphasizes fine lines and wrinkles around the eye area. Always finish your makeup application with a light dusting of powder to help seal everything and prevent creasing.

4. You should always use a brow pencil to help shape and define your eyebrows. If you have lighter colored hair you can use a slightly darker brow pencil.  Don’t go overboard when filling in and shaping your brow area as heavy eyebrows tend to look a bit odd and can overpower your glasses.

5. Here are a couple of finishing touches to keep in mind when finishing your makeup. Apply a light application of mascara and use an eyelash curler when wearing glasses to help complete your look. You can also finish your makeup with a bright and bold lipstick color if you like, or stick to a more neutral color.

Eye Makeup Video Tutorial

There are many great online tutorials and videos showing you how to expertly apply makeup that emphasises the eye area. Delania Marvella has posted a fantastic video to her YouTube channel on Back to School: Makeup for Glasses.

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