Help, I Can’t Read the Menu Anymore!

contact lenses

Many people decide to wear contact lenses instead of prescription glasses.

Experts have long known that aging can cause vision impairment, and you could be among one of the 12 million Americans who need glasses or contacts and aren’t using any. If you’re starting to notice trouble reading the menu, you might be interested in the following old and new ways to treat your farsightedness.

Reading Glasses

Reading glasses have been around for a long time, and they are very beneficial to people like you who simply can’t read the menu anymore. When kept on hand, you can easily take out your reading eyeglasses on any occasion, even if you don’t need them all the time. Luckily there are many designs you can choose from, such as reading glasses for women and for men along with designer reading glasses and other styles.


Reading glasses alone may not always be enough for some people. For people who have trouble seeing objects clearly near and far away, bifocals are another option that can benefit people who need glasses for reading. Bifocals are eyeglasses that use two different focal lengths for different purposes, and you don’t have to switch out your glasses for another pair.

OK Contact Lenses

Young woman with contact lens

A contact lens fitting exam is necessary before you switch from glasses to contacts.

Contact lenses are traditionally used by people who suffer from nearsightedness, meaning that they can’t see far away. However, recent news reports say that the OK, or hyperoptic orthokeratology, contact lens is emerging for the use on middle-aged individuals suffering from Presbyopia, or the loss of cornea flexibility. This is a lens that patients wear at night that helps reshape the cornea to allow for clear focus of near objects throughout the day.


Finally, if you’re seeking a more permanent solution to your eyesight than OK contact lenses, then you might consider having surgery. Lasik surgery is a procedure that uses lasers to reshape the eye to help it focus better. It is a painless procedure that helps restore vision instantly.

With these options, there is no reason not to seek help when you simply can’t read the menu anymore, and there are many organizations willing to help people who can’t afford eyeglasses or procedures.