Comprehensive Eye Exam From Your Local Eye Doctor

eye exam chart

There are many misconceptions associated with eye examinations, and the biggest myth is that you only have to see your optometrist if you have vision impairment or other eye issues. The truth is that everyone should get their eyes checked on a regular basis, and you’ll find many more benefits to an exam than just vision assessments.

What Can Your Eye Doctor Do?

An eye doctor is specially trained in a range of procedures, giving you the perfect chance to voice your concerns, get your vision checked, and have your eyes examined for other health issues during your eye checkup. Eye doctors use a variety of tools, such as an eye chart, when performing eye exams for their patients.

Eye specialists do so much more than filling prescriptions. Consider these other things doctors can do at your eye exam:

  • They can check for glaucoma, a condition that creates pressure in the eye and can cause optic nerve damage.
  • They’ll check the health of your peripheral vision.
  • The doctor will look at the shape of your eye to help diagnose certain conditions.
  • They can check the health of your retina, vessels, lens, and other parts of the eye.
  • They look at how well you see color.
  • They may complete other tests based on personal risk factors.

Why Do You Need an Eye Doctor?

Even if you don’t have vision impairment and don’t believe you need a vision exam, it’s still important to visit your doctor regularly. Because they can do more than a simple vision check, visiting your optometrist is a crucial step to maintaining good eye health. Doctors of optometry learn how to spot unhealthy warning signs of certain conditions, helping diagnose issues when they’re in the early stages, even before you start to experience symptoms.

How to Get Started

When you’re ready to get your eyes checked for issues, be sure to visit a licensed optometrist. You can visit one of our 30 Stanton Optical locations to find a qualified professional, or you can check out your other local clinics. Schedule an appointment, and ask about more tests that you can have done if you believe you’re at risk of developing dangerous eye conditions. Put yourself on the road to healthier eyes by scheduling an eye examination appointment regularly.

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