Vision Insurance

Stanton Optical accepts most vision insurance

We take all flex accounts at Stanton Optical and will make sure that you receive the greatest vision insurance benefits available to you.

Stanton Optical Accepts Vision Insurance
Many companies offer vision and eye care insurance to their employees. Vision plans offer rebates and special offers on select eye services. Retail optical stores, such as Stanton Optical, accept many brands of vision insurance. If you wear contacts or glasses, consider signing up for a vision insurance plan to save money on prescription eyeglasses and contact lenses.

Insurance plans can be purchased to help protect either an individual’s or an entire family’s eye site. This is a type of supplemental insurance coverage that can be purchased in addition to your regular medical insurance. Vision coverage may cover both routine eye exams and discounts on prescription eyewear.

Flexible Spending Accounts

Ask your employer if they offer flexible spending accounts as part of your employee benefits package. Flex accounts allow you to appoint a portion of your pre-tax income into an account you can use to pay for medical expenses not covered by your regular health insurance plan. Flex plan funds are often used to pay for dental and eyecare expenses, which are usually not covered under the employee health insurance plan.

Vision Insurance Providers
Most vision insurance provider plans are accepted at Stanton Optical. Contact your local Stanton Optical store to ask about the vision insurance plans they accept.


Stanton Optical Vision Club
stanton optical vision clubIf you don’t have vision coverage, either as part of your regular health insurance coverage or a separate vision policy, consider joining the Stanton Optical Vision Club. The vision club offers free eye exams and discounts on both contact lenses and prescription glasses for a low membership fee. Contact the manager at your local store for exact details on the vision club program.


Find a Stanton Optical Store Near You
Schedule your eye exam online, or call one of our stores to book your next appointment to have your vision checked.You can also walk into one of our Stanton Optical retail stores, Monday through Saturday, the next time you need quality men’s, women’s and children’s designer glasses at affordable prices. Select Stanton Optical stores are open on Sunday.

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