Are You Interested in Using Progressive Lenses?

Progressive Lenses at Stanton Optical

Most people lose the ability to focus their eyes on close-up objects as they age, a condition called presbyopia. The condition occurs as a result in a loss of elasticity in the tendons surrounding the eye and in the lens itself.

In order to help combat the progression of presbyopia, Optometrists recommend that patients use a progressive lens, or multifocal lenses. A progressive lens has many areas of focus. Depending on which part of the lens you look out of, you can use progressive lenses glass for distance, intermediate and near vision tasks. As with bifocals, using progressives for the first time can take a bit of adjustment as you get used to them.

Benefits of Wearing Progressive Lenses

Instead of having to carry multiple pairs of glasses, one for reading or close-up work, one for working on the computer and one for distance vision while driving, you only have to carry a single pair of prescription eyeglasses with you. Having a pair of progressive lense glasses will allow you to:

  • Have correct vision at all viewing distances
  • Have no lines across the lens (no line bifocals)
  • Have no sudden shift or jump in vision
  • Look more cosmetically appealing than lined bifocals

Progressive Addition Lenses, also known as PAL were created in an effort to improve bifocal lenses by providing an area for intermediate vision. Progressives are seamless, with no visible line of separation between the different viewing areas and provides the three levels of viewing; near, intermediate and distance.

Furthermore, progressive lenses, also known as no-line bifocals, have none of the stigma associated with lined bifocal glasses such as making the wearer of bifocals seem older and the noticeable image jump when changing view points on the lense.  The lens in a progressive eyeglass transitions gradually with no noticeable change from one area to the next.

Progressive Lenses

Disadvantages to Wearing Progressive Lens Glasses

Just as with life, nothing is perfect. Although recent technological advances has made the choosing of smaller progressive lens frames less of an issue. When it comes to wearing progressive lenses, a slight distortion occurs in the peripheral field of vision. The smaller the lens, the more noticeable the distortion when wearing progressives. To better combat this issue, we recommend choosing a larger eyeglass frame to help reduce possible peripheral vision problems.

Progressive Lens Eyeglasses at Stanton Optical

If you are interested in learning more about progressive lenses, visit any of our Stanton Optical locations where our Independent Optometrist and trained sales staff will be more than glad to describe how progressive lenses work and whether or not they are a right fit for you. Here at Stanton Optical we offer over 3,000 different styles of frames and different lenses. If progressive lenses are not the best choice for you, we will help you find your perfect pair. Schedule an exam today!

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