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Insurance Options for your Visual Health Needs

Many companies in the U.S. offer vision and eye care insurance as part of their employee benefits packages. Often, vision health coverage can be purchased in addition to your regular medical insurance. These eye care plans may cover both routine eye exams and discounts on prescription eyewear.

For this reason, Stanton Optical and the independent eye care doctors at our locations accept most vision insurance plans to make your eyewear purchases easier and more affordable. We also accept Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA), Health Savings Accounts (HSA) and CareCredit.

Medicare usually does not cover routine eyewear, however we do offer very competitive promotions and discounts that can save you money. Our store associates help you meet your budget in every way possible. We do not currently accept Medicaid.

Stanton Optical accepts several insurance plans across the country.


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More Insurance Benefits Available at Stanton Optical

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Get 60% Off Your 2nd Pair Using Your Vision Insurance

To help you maximize your savings, we’re now offering an additional 60% off discount to all customers who use their vision insurance to pay for their eyeglasses.


FSA/HSA for Eye Care Needs

Some employers offer flexible spending accounts or health savings accounts as part of your employee benefits package. Flex accounts allow you to appoint a portion of your pre-tax income into an account you can use to pay for medical expenses not covered by your regular health insurance plan—including eye care.