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All You Need to Know About Progressive Lenses

progressive vs bifocal lensesAll About Progressive Lenses

The concept of progressive lenses is quite simple, but with their countless benefits, people want to know how they work. Come along on this journey as we explore progressive lenses.

What Are Progressive Lenses?

Progressive lens glasses are an alternative form of bifocals, which is why they are often called no-line bifocals. Similar to traditional bifocals, they help individuals focus on objects at various distances without switching to another pair of eyeglasses. However, progressive lenses use a different form of technology and a different method of manufacture.

Instead of creating two distinct focal points on your lenses like bifocals do, progressive lens eyeglasses work by progressively changing shape from top to bottom. This means that they help people see far away, at a mid distance, and close up, allowing for easy focus on all objects.

progressive lenses informationWhy Are They Better?

For most people, progressive lenses are more beneficial than traditional bifocals. Among the most notable advantages:

  • There is no “image jump” from one focal length to the next.
  • They work in smaller frames, helping you keep up a youthful appearance.
  • They offer a more natural view for people suffering from age-related vision loss.
  • They allow users to focus on objects at any distance.
  • They are more comfortable for most people than bifocals are.
  • They offer more comfort for active wear.
Lined bifocals vs no line progressive lenses

Lined bifocals vs no line progressive lenses.

Tips on Adjusting

Just like any form of eyewear, progressive lenses take some adjusting to, although it doesn’t take long. When learning to adapt to your news glasses, consider the following tips:

  • Point your nose at whatever object you’re trying to focus on, then tilt your chin until the object comes into focus.
  • Use the bottom of the lens for reading and the top for distance focusing.
  • If you need to look at the ground, tilt your head and look through the top of the lens.
  • Return to your eye doctor for adjustments if they don’t seem right.
  • Don’t be discouraged! It can take anywhere form a few days to several weeks to get used to.

With the many advantages, you’ll find that the cost of progressive lenses is well worth it. Visit Stanton Optical and ask the friendly sales staff about progressive lens glasses.

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