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The Best Optical Store in Anchorage, AK

Stanton Optical offers eyeglasses, contact lenses, and prescription sunglasses in Anchorage at affordable prices. Our friendly staff will assist throughout your entire visit, from getting your eye exam to selecting the perfect frames. We are located at the NW Corner of Dimond and New Seward Hwy. Visit Stanton Optical or schedule your free eye exam online!

Get Your Free Eye Exam

A recent eye exam and current prescription are necessary in order to get the best results from your new contacts or glasses. One of our independent optometrists in Anchorage will use the latest techniques to check your eye’s health and determine your eyeglass or contact lens prescription. The best of all is that most orders qualify for a free eye exam!

A Comprehensive Eye Examination

One of our independent optometrists in Anchorage will use the latest techniques and state-of-the-art equipment to determine your prescription and identify any eye condition that might be affecting your vision health. The eye exam includes the following tests:

  • Autorefraction
  • Refractive analysis
  • Visual acuity
  • Tonometry
  • Autokeratometry
  • Evaluation for amblyopia
  • Slit lamp examination of anterior segment health
  • Ophthalmoscopy for evaluation of fundus health
Prescription Eyeglasses in Anchorage, AK

At Stanton Optical, we’re always looking for ways to offer you high-quality products at attractive prices. If you’re looking for affordable eyeglasses in Anchorage, we have a 2 pairs for $59.95 + a free eye exam offer. We also have over 3,000 stylish frames in store for you to choose from. Plus, with our NOW Service, you can get your single vision glasses in just 15 minutes! And, if for any reason you are unsatisfied with any of our products, bring them back within 30 days to exchange for a completely new pair.

Buy Contact Lenses in Anchorage

With our wide variety of daily, weekly, and monthly disposable contacts in several different brands, Stanton Optical can help find the best contact lenses for you. We also have a great deal that includes two boxes of contacts and many other benefits for just $169. Contact us or visit our store for more information!

Accepted Insurance

°We accept out-of-network benefits for VSP members and submit to the network. Out-of-network benefits and/or discounts will be applied towards total purchase.

Don't see your insurance listed? Call this store at (877) 518-5788 to check for additional accepted plans.


What Our Customers Are Saying
I ABSOLUTELY LOVED MY VISIT AT STANTON OPTICAL! 😍 There was a bit of mix up with what my option of frames were, but it got resolved by the next day. We were in Anchorage with our kids Christmas shopping, so I went ahead and made an appointment. 2 pair of glasses🤓 for $59 and a free eye exam, WOW. I Linda hadn't been to an eye doctor for MANY YEARS, if I had to make a guess, I would say 30+ years.We got into town, had lunch then went for my appointment. I got right in, had my eye exam and was done within 20-30 minutes. I needed glasses, so the lady took me over to the frames and pointed to the ones I could choose from. I thought it was whole area on the wall, because the advertisement said 1000's of frames to choose from. I choose my frames, got them rang up, to realize the frames I choose wasn't in the choices of the advertisement. The choices were just 2 rows of ugly plastic frames. I completely misunderstood, maybe because it wasn't explained correctly to me!Got it figured out, decided we would pay the extra for the frames because there wasn't any I liked in the 2 rows I was able to choose from. Left the store, went and did our shopping, then came back a few hours later. They got my glasses and fitted them to me, one of the pair had a broken frame, PRAISE JESUS, the lady noticed it. I took the one pair, which were reading glasses, then when we got to the van, my husband was looking over the order. He realized I had only reading glasses and they were costing me $300 and some odd dollars, for reading glasses. I immediately called them back, explained my issue and it was taken care off by the store manager McKenzie! She is AMAZING and very professional. She got my pair of glasses that needed the new frame and changed them to my every day glasses. She then gave me some discounts, to meet my needs, and said they would be shipped to me. I was HAPPY & VERY PLEASED with how McKenzie went the extra mile to give me COMPLETE customer satisfaction...She is the best. I would definitely go back to Stanton Optical for my future eye care...ABOVE AND BEYOND IS WHAT MCKENZIE DID! I AM 100% PLUS SATISFIED...THANK YOU McKenzie for GREAT, WONDERFUL, AMAZING and how it should be done customer service...BLESSINGS TO YOUR LIFE...JESUS LOVES YOU!!!😍 👑🦁🤲🕊🙌🙏😍💥
Mike Schwitzke
Mike Schwitzke
23:57 26 Nov 18
Me, my love, and a friend came came into Stanton and we all were treated very well, had fun. We all got a good deal. Thanks to Shake and Tierra!!!
Jennie Demantle
Jennie Demantle
22:50 25 Nov 18
Tierra’s service was above and beyond! She was amazing. First time getting glasses and she was so helpful! I would definitely recommend this store to anyone. You guys are really lucky to have her!
Kimberly Julissa Rook
Kimberly Julissa Rook
05:39 20 Nov 18
I was working my way off the streets and was in a bad spot being legally blind without contact lenses or glasses. I am so thankful that the staff at Stanton optical took time to listen to me and helped me so i was able to enjoy my sons volleyball games, and continue on with my road to recovery. I highly recommend this place and will continue to be a customer.
gary iyatunguk
gary iyatunguk
22:07 02 Nov 18
Super helpful staff. I was a little surprised that the exam was a virtual exam, however, by the end of the exam it all made sense. They were patient with me and answered all my questions. The young lady was very thourough in explaining to me what the costs were that went into my frames. I will definitely be back. Thank you
Anthony Messier
Anthony Messier
02:26 24 Oct 18
My 5 year old son broke his glasses today! Sunday! No ones open on Sunday! The day before he starts kindergarten!!!! I was freaked out! I called and spoke with James. He was wonderful! He explained what they could do and couldn’t do. They were very upfront on pricing and how long it would take. James advised me to get down there ASAP so we could have glasses for him to wear tomorrow for school. I got down there. We met Miss. Tierra. She’s absolutely amazing! She was great with my son! She helped us find a pair of glasses that fit him properly and that would work with his activities. She explained the glasses club and how it works. That sounds like a great program for us. All in all we had a great experience. We walked away with 2 pairs of glasses for a great price. I really appreciate them helping us! We will be back! I can’t say enough good about this place! I know they have my back.
Leif Larsen
Leif Larsen
23:29 26 Aug 18
Great experience! The staff were helpful and the manager was very nice and professional! I bought a pair of Swiss sunglasses and when I went back to get them adjusted they were very helpful and nice! I would recommend Stanton in Anchorage to anyone! Best place to buy glasses!
kayleen norris
kayleen norris
02:05 28 Jun 18
Scheduled a same day appointment and was greeted right when I walked in. The manager was very helpful and knowledgeable with any questions I had and even helped me pick out glasses that fit my needs. If you want a huge variety of glasses and great customer service I would strongly recommend Stanton Optical!
Eli Gregg
Eli Gregg
22:24 05 Jan 18
I like that you can make appointments online and at the very last minute. It was interesting to have the exam with a doctor that wasn't in the room, but on a webcam. It works. They have decent prices on glasses and a fairly good selection of frames.
Katie Weniger
Katie Weniger
22:48 09 Oct 17