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Stanton Optical is a leader in the retail eyeglasses industry. We produce the prescription lenses for our customer’s glasses either on-site or at our high-tech optical lab in Palm Springs, Florida.

Our laboratory technicians are skilled in the creation of customized glasses according to each customer’s specifications. We use the latest computer automated machinery to make sure your prescription lenses are made in a prompt and accurate manner.

Optical Lenses and Contact Lenses

We produce hundreds of orders every month and keep thousands of lenses in stock from top manufacturers including Crizal, VariLux and Zeiss. Premium lens options include anti-reflective lenses and polarized lenses along with the latest lenses that transition.

Prescription lenses and contact lenses are our specialties at Stanton Optical. Our lab techs cut, polish and grind stock lenses according to each customer’s eyeglass prescription. Once the lenses are ready, they are assembled and mounted into the frames picked out by the customer. The glasses go through a final check for quality assurance before delivery back to the store of origin where they are ready for immediate pickup by the customer.

State of the Art Technology

Our lab offers fast turnaround service on all prescription eyeglass orders. Bifocals, single vision and progressive lenses are just a few of the prescriptive lenses we create at the Stanton Optical laboratory.

Our highly trained lab technicians are experts at producing customized eyeglasses according to your exact specifications. Having our lab at our corporate headquarters ensures we have the most accurate quality control when creating lenses with your exact eyeglass prescription data.