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How to Properly Care for Your Eyeglasses

Stanton Optical gives you these guidelines to properly care for your eyeglasses.

At Stanton Optical, we take health and hygiene very seriously. Because of COVID-19, it is more important than ever to clean surfaces frequently. Did you know eyeglasses can harbor dirt and bacteria if they’re not properly cleaned and stored on a regular basis? It’s very important to keep your eyeglasses free of dirt, dust and debris. Besides the risk of bacteria growing on glasses, dirty lenses can cause eye strain and headaches.

Follow these guidelines to properly care for your eyeglasses: 



  • Wash: Wash your hands. Grease and dirt from your hands can easily transfer to your lenses.  
  • Wipe: Use a microfiber cloth to remove debris and dust that could scratch your lenses.  
  • Rinse: Use distilled water to rinse your lenses. Tap water is okay if you do not have access to distilled water.  
  • Spray: Spray your lenses on both sides with glasses cleaner or use mild dish soap.  
  • Rinse Again: Rinse the cleaner or dish soap off in distilled or tap water. Shake off excess water.  
  • Wipe Again: Use a pre-moistened, non-abrasive lens wipe that contains isopropyl alcohol.  
  • Dry: Use canned air to dry the lenses.


  • Wash: Dip your fingertips in mild, lotion free-dish soap and apply it to your frames. 
  • Rinse: Hold your frames under warm water and rinse thoroughly. Shake the excess water off.  
  • Wipe: Wipe the nose pads and earpieces of your frames with a pre-moistened wipe that contains isopropyl alcohol. 


  • Use Your Clothes: Although convenient, don’t use your clothes to wipe or clean your frames. Clothes contain dirt particles that could scratch your lenses.  
  • Clean with Household Products: Many household cleaners contain chemicals that are not only harmful to your eyes but also can slowly disintegrate the protective coating on your lenses.  
  • Forget Your Case: You get a protective case when you purchase glasses for a reason. When taking glasses off and putting them down on the counter, a desk or in a handbag, they are susceptible to scratches and bacteria.

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