Avaira Vitality Toric 6pk box front


Avaira Vitality Toric 6pk



Product Description:

With its convenient 2-week replacement schedule and soft, flexible material, superior Avaira Vitality™ toric can be a great fit for a wide range of patients. Avaira Vitality™ toric offers all the great benefits of Avaira® and more with superior long-lasting comfort, and vision quality, plus higher water content and Class 1 UV protection. The 3rd generation of silicone hydrogel material used in Avaira Vitality™ toric is inherently wettable with no surface treatments. This, combined with the higher water content of Avaira Vitality™ toric ensures a high performing, comfortable lens.




CL Wear: Extended
Contact Type: Bi-Weekly
Brand: Avaira
manufacturer: CooperVision
Sale Quantity: 6 mm
Package Description: Box of 6
Lens Type: This is the lens type
Water Content: 55 mm